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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Last Updated: 01.05.2024 


1.1 Welcome to ifndautoparts. These Terms form a legally binding contract between You ("User", “Users”, “You”, “Your”) and ifndautoparts ("We”, “Us”, "Our") and will govern Your use of Our Site. 

1.2 By accessing or using the Site and/or by creating an account, You accept and agree to be bound by these Terms and all policies referenced within them including (but not limited to) Our Privacy Policy here. Please read them carefully.

1.3 You agree  that these Terms and Conditions will govern Your use of Our Site and any tools provided by Us for interacting with the Services.

1.4 Please be aware that some Services may have additional or different terms that You are bound to when You use Our Site,  in particular with respect to any Third Party Services.

1.5 We use defined terms in these Terms. Please refer to clause 2. Definitions below.


The definitions provided in these Terms are presented for convenience and explanatory purposes, as follows: 

Account / Account Holder: A Personal or Business profile created and maintained by a User, enabling them to access, manage and engage in various Platform functions.

Application: the ifndautopartsmobile site. 

Auction-Style: a specific listing format where sellers offer items for sale through a competitive bidding process.

Bid: a legally binding offer made by a potential Buyer to purchase the item at a specified price during an auction-style listing.

Bidder: a Buyer or prospective Buyer who actively participates in the auction-style listing.

Bid Sniping: a strategy where bidders place their bids just seconds before an auction ends to increase the likelihood of winning at a lower price.

Business: means natural or legal persons engaged in business; offering item/s in the course of their business or trading activities including any person who sells goods/items for commercial purposes.

Buyer/s: means any person who transacts or intends to transact on the site, such as a Personal Account Holder, Business Account Holder, or Guest Buyer.

Carrier: a third-party shipping provider used to ship items sold on the Site.

Checkout: the process available to Buyers and Guest Buyers to purchase Items on the Site.

Commission Fee:  the commission fee We charge to a Seller for Transactions completed on the Site.

Escrow: a secure arrangement where a  third party temporarily holds payment during a transaction until all conditions are met.

Fixed Price: means a predetermined, non-negotiable price applied to the item by the Seller.

Fixed Price with Offers: A “Fixed Price with Offers” listing allows You to Make-an-Offer on an item.

Guest Buyer: means a Buyer who is not a registered Account Holder.

Item/s: any tangible or intangible product, service, or digital content listed for sale on the marketplace by third-party sellers.

Offer: a proposal made by either a Selleror a buyer, signifying the intent to engage in a transaction involving a specific item/s listed on the Site.

Offline Transaction: transactions conducted outside of the Site and Site processes.

Make an Offer: A listing format which allows sellers to set a fixed price for item/s, while also inviting potential buyers to submit offers below the listed price.

Payment Provider/s: Third-Party payment services who handle payment processing.

Personal: designates an individual who is not operating as a Business. 

Publish: means the item is listed/uploaded onto the Site and is available for Sale or Auction. 

Reserve/Reserve Price: the minimum price that a Selleris willing to accept for an item listed in an auction-style listing.

Sell: the act of transferring ownership or rights of a product or service in exchange for payment.

Seller/s: means any Account Holder, who lists item/s on the Site.

Services:  Our provision of the Site, Application and any related services. 

Site: refers to the Website or Application (as the case may be)

Shipping: means delivery method, and also encompasses click and collect.

Shipper: means the third-party provider that delivers Your goods to the buyer. 

Terms: means these terms and conditions and all policies published on Our Site which are by reference incorporated into Our contract with You. 

Third Party Services: any products or services offered or provided to You by a third party person or company other than Us, and which may be integrated into our Site or Services.

Total Transaction amount: means the total amount due for a Transaction, which comprises the price for the Item set by the Seller; the shipping fees; any applicable taxes or fees.

Transaction: refers to the process of selling and purchasing items on the Site.

User: means any person who is a Visitor, Seller, Buyer, Guest Buyer.

Visitor: refers to an individual who accesses and interacts with the Site and who  may browse listings and view information on the Site, but without making a Transaction or creating a User Account.

Website: the website located at (or such other url(s) that may replace or succeed it).


3.1 We are I FIND UK GLOBAL branded as ifndautoparts.

3.2 We are registered in the United Kingdom with company number 15550649 and address Boston Enterprise Centre, Enterprise Way, Wyberton Fen, PE21 7TW. Our VAT number is

3.3 You can contact us by using the contacting form


4.1 ifnduatoparts is an online trading Platform that connects people with parts via the Site.

4.2 Our Site is for independent Users, both Buyers and Sellers, to independently connect and to transact. You understand We provide the Site and Services only. 

4.3 We do not operate as the Seller or Buyer. We are not involved in, nor are We  party to, any transactions between Users.The contract for the sale is directly and solely between the Buyer and Seller, and We are not a party to the sale or sale contract in any capacity . We do not assume any responsibility arising out of, or in connection with, the Contract of Sale.

4.4 We do not have possession of, take possession of, nor buy, sell, exchange, manufacture, store, inspect, transport, warrant, guarantee or authenticate, the items listed on Our Site.

4.5 We do not act as an agent, representative, broker, auctioneer or the like for any Users of the Site.

4.6 We do not participate in the bidding process or set prices for any items listed on the Site.

4.7 We make Our Site available on an as-is basis and make no warranty or promise that it will be available for use at all times and in all locations, nor that it will be free of interruption or any defects.

4.8 We make no warranty or commitment that You will successfully sell any item by offering it for sale on Our Site, nor be able to successfully find and buy any item on Our Site.

4.9 We do not review Users’ listings or their content for accuracy or completeness. Additionally, We cannot assure that the Site will be suitable for any specific purpose.


5.1 As a condition of the Site, You agree:

5.1.1 You are at least 18 years old and able to form a legally binding contract.

5.1.2 You will not complete, or attempt to conduct any offline transactions outside of the Site.  Such transactions or attempted transactions are strictly prohibited and constitute a violation of Our Terms. An offline transaction attempt includes, but is not limited to, requests to make or accept payment outside of the third-party payment providers linked to the Site, or any use of the Site's messaging system to discuss or provide information related to offline transactions.

5.1.3 You will not use the Site for any purpose that is unlawful, promotes unlawful activity, or circumvents any laws, is illegal under any applicable law or which is prohibited by these Terms.

5.1.4 You will only upload content which is true, current, accurate and complete and which either belongs to You or which You have the right to use;

5.1.5 You are solely responsible for all costs and expenses You may incur in relation to Your use of the Site.

5.1.6 You will not distribute viruses or any other technologies that may harm Us or the interests of its Users or which compromise the security and integrity of Our Site.

5.1.7 You will not use the Site in any manner that disrupts or interferes with the operation of Our Site or business or with the business of any other User or entity.

5.1.8 You will not use the Site to gain unauthorised access to or use of computers, data, systems, accounts or networks nor to simulate communications from Us or another service or entity in order to collect identity information, authentication credentials, or other information (‘phishing’);

5.1.9 You will not scrape from, access, monitor or copy any Content from Our Site (whether by using any bot, spider, scraper or other automated means), nor deep-link into, frame or mirror or copy from Our Site  using any manual or automated process, nor attempt to (or actually) circumvent any measures used by Us to prevent or limit access to Our Site or related Services, nor take any action that imposes, or may impose, an unreasonable load on Our website whether by automated searches or otherwise;

5.1.10 You will not threaten, abuse, harass, or invade the privacy of any other User of the Site or third-party and  You will not use Our Site or Services in any manner which is (or which, in Our discretion, could reasonably be perceived as) abusive, inappropriate, obscene, vulgar or defamatory or which could pose a threat to the safety of other Users;

5.1.11 You will not engage in any illegal activity on our Site, nor use Our Site to facilitate illegal activity. 

5.1.12 You will not impersonate any person or entity or falsely state or otherwise misrepresent Your affiliation with Us or with any other person or entity nor represent or suggest that We endorse Your or any other business, product or service unless We have separately agreed to do so in writing;

5.1.13 You will not  infringe, copy, modify, reverse engineer, decompile, prepare derivative works from or distribute any of Our intellectual property rights (including but not limited to trade marks, copyrights, design rights, patents, database rights) or Content from Site or Our  Services, without Our express prior written consents;

5.1.14 You will not attempt to circumvent password or user authentication methods;

5.1.15 You will not attempt to circumvent the cancellation of Your account by Us by opening a new account appearing to be a new user of the Site (“phoenixing”).

5.1.16 We expressly reserve the right to block access to Our Site or Services, or to suspend or permanently cease providing Our Site or Services, to any User or third party whom We suspect of breaching any of the above rules or otherwise to be acting in bad faith.

5.1.17 The brand “ifndautoparts” does not guarantee or imply any specific outcomes or results, that You will find the auto part You are seeking, or the availability of particular items or auto parts nor do We have any control over the outcome of any given search or query.


6.1 Eligibility: Only individuals who are 18 years or older and can form legally binding contracts are eligible to create an account on Our Site.

6.2 Relationship: The creation of an Account does not establish any kind of agency, partnership, joint venture, employment, franchisee relationship, or the like, between the User and Us.

6.3 Responsibility: You bear full responsibility for any actions taken on Your account, including all financial transactions. It is prohibited to share Your account credentials with any other person.

6.4 Accurate Information: Users must provide truthful,  accurate, current, and complete information when creating an account on ifndautoparts. You must ensure that Your account information is updated as necessary to ensure it is always true and accurate.

6.5 Violations: Any false, misleading, or incomplete information provided may result in account termination or suspension. This also includes any vulgar, offensive or defamatory information, infringement on someone’s intellectual property, copyright or trademark rights, impersonation, or anything that otherwise violates these terms. See Account Rules for further information.

6.6 Right to Termination: We retain the authority to suspend or terminate Your account at any time, with or without prior notice, for any reason. This includes, but is not restricted to,any breach of these Terms. See Account Rules for further information. 

6.7 When You need an Account: To use Our Site, You will need an account as follows:

6.7.1 SELLING : It is mandatory to have an  account to Sell on the Site.

6.7.2 BUYING : It is mandatory to have an  account to Buy on the Site when (i) making an offer on an item, and (ii) making a bid on an item. It is not mandatory to have an  account to Buy on the Site, when: (i) The item is a fixed price listing. In this case, You will be considered a Guest buyer.

6.8 Account Types: Users can create an account as a Business or Personal  User, and can be both a Seller and/or Buyer.

6.8.1 Business Account If You are trading as a business on Our Site, You must comply with all relevant laws and accounting and tax rules. You must complete the business registration process to create an account. For the rules on creating a business account, that form part of these Terms, see here. The person registering the account must have the legal authority to act on behalf of the business. This means only authorized business representatives may register for an account on the Site.

6.8.2 Personal Account As  a Personal Account holder, You must comply with all relevant laws and (where applicable) accounting and tax rules. You must complete the Personal registration process to create an account. You have the option to create an account via email, phone, or third-party services such as Facebook, Google and Apple ID. When utilizing a third-party service to create an account and grant Us the necessary permissions, You authorize Us to access and retrieve specific information associated with the third-party account as required for the functioning of Our Services. When connecting Your account through these third-party services, You are subject to the terms and conditions and policies of that respective provider. The choice to utilize a third-party account for account creation is entirely voluntary and is only offered for You convenience. We assume no responsibility for any consequences or issues that may arise from Your use of third-party create account options. 

6.9 Closing an Account: Account closure is permissible provided that no listed items have pending transactions against them, and there are no outstanding fees or disputes associated with the account.

6.10 We retain the authority to close a User's account at Our discretion without the obligation to disclose the specific reasons for such action.

6.11 User accounts may be terminated if, but not limited, to the following: 

6.11.1 Violating any of these Terms including (but not limited to) the Rules of Use set out in these terms,  or any other policies and guidelines posted on Our Platform.

6.11.2 Failure to comply with requests for verification, age restrictions, or other legal requirements necessary for using Our Platform may result in account termination.

6.11.3 Your account has been inactive for a prolonged period of time. 

6.11.4 If We identify that a User has created multiple accounts, We may terminate all associated accounts.

6.11.5 Failure to fulfill payment obligations.

6.11.6 Repeated engagement in disputes or conflicts with other Users, hindering the smooth operation of the Site and/or causing harm to the reputation and integrity of the Site.

6.11.7 Misuse of the Review system. 

6.11.8 Failure to comply with any applicable laws and regulations.

6.11.9 Users can appeal the account termination decision by contacting Us and explaining their situation 

6.11.10 We may prevent or suspend Your access to the Site (and remove any of Your listings or bids) if You do not comply with any part of these Terms, any terms or policies to which they refer or any applicable law.


7.1 Rights: You must own the item/s, possess the legal authority to sell the item and have the right to offer the item for sale and transfer ownership of the item. The item must not violate any third-party rights, including, but not limited to, copyright, trademark, and intellectual property.

7.2 Licenses: You are responsible for ensuring You have the applicable licenses and permits required to sell the Items.

7.3 Compliance: You are responsible to comply with all laws, regulations, and rules associated with the sale of Your item.

7.4 Offer for Sale: To publish an item on the Site, you must follow the listing process. Items listed with a Fixed Price, those listed as Fixed Price with Make an Offer, or Auctions with no reserve are considered offers for sale upon publication, which may be accepted by a Buyer. For Auction listings with a reserve price, the item is considered an invitation to treat until the reserve is reached, at which point it is offered for sale.

7.5 Authenticity: The Item must be authentic. The item must not be counterfeit, fraudulent, false, misleading, or deceptive.  

7.6 Fees: You accept and agree to the associated fees applicable to listing an item on the site. See section FEES

7.7 Responsibility: You, as the Seller, are responsible for the entire lifecycle of your listing and sale. 

7.8 Allowed Items and Prohibited Items: Only permitted items are allowed on the Site. 

7.9 Description: You are entirely responsible for the listing description. This includes, but is not limited to, the factual accuracy, errors, misstatements, or omissions of information, as well as any judgements or opinions expressed within the listing. The description must be accurate, detailed, and not deceptive; acurately reflecting the item's condition, including, but not limited to, any faults, defects, or alterations.

7.10 Images: Images must depict the actual product and not consist of stock or found online images. They should accurately represent the product's quality, appearance, and any faults or defects. Images must not violate any third party's intellectual property, copyright, or trademark rights.

7.11 Category: You must select the most relevant category and subcategory for Your item. We reserve the right to re-categorise any listing if We determine the item's categorisation to be incorrect.

7.12 Quantity: You are responsible for maintaining accurate quantity levels for Your items listed with multiple quantities.

7.13 Safety: The item must be safe to use and comply with all relevant laws and regulations.

7.14 Modifying a listing: You, as the Seller, may amend the listing only in circumstances that do not mislead or disadvantage the buyer and if no active offers have been accepted or bids made on the applicable listing type. 

7.15 Withdrawing a listing:  You may withdraw Your item from the Site at any time, as long as there are (i) no bids, (ii) accepted offers, or (iii) outstanding transactions against the item. In these cases, the listing can only be withdrawn under special circumstances.

7.16 Currencies: It is your responsibility to ensure that the default currency applied at the listing creation segment matches your preference. We are not responsible for any errors in the default currency applied on the site.

7.17 Site Listing Updates: We reserve the right to update Your listing to reflect any changes in Our Site’s listing parameters. 

7.18 Price Format: When creating a listing on ifndautoparts, You have the flexibility to choose from various pricing formats. There formats are: (a) Fixed Price , (b) Fixed Price with Make an Offer, (c) Auction 

7.19 Auction as a Seller 

7.19.1 Starting Price: You are responsible for determining the initial starting price of Your auction listing, as well as for electing to set and specify a reserve price, if any.

7.19.2 Seller Bidding: You can not bid on Your own listing 

7.19.3 Proxy Bidding: You cannot have a friend or someone connected to You, bid on Your Auction-Style listing unless they have a genuine intention of purchasing the item.

7.19.4 Withdrawing an Item from Auction: You may withdraw the item from Auction if no bids have been placed. You may only withdraw the listed item post-bid placement under exceptional circumstances. Such withdrawals could impact your account's standing and future auction participation. 

7.19.5 Lower Reserve: You have the right to lower the reserve price during the Auction, provided that any reduction remains above the highest current bid.

7.19.6 Auction Extension: Bidding activity occurring within the final 2 minutes of the Auction will trigger an automatic extension of the auction by an additional 2 minutes. This mechanism renders the duration of the auction contingent and subject to variation, notwithstanding the presence of a specified end auction time. 

7.19.7 Bidding Errors: We are not responsible for errors, delays or failures, in the submission, processing, or recognition of bids. This includes, but not limited to, situations where a participant places a higher bid, but the system fails to recognise it in a timely manner.  You will not be compensated for any omitted or incorrect bids. The auction will continue on as scheduled. Any bid listed in error due to the Site will be removed by Us and the bidding will resume normally.

7.19.8 Exclusivity: You must only list Your auction-style item on Our Site  for the entire duration of the auction.

7.19.9 System Freezes: In the event of system freezes or Site unavailability, the Marketplace shall not be held liable for any bids that cannot be processed or for any disruption in the bidding process.

7.19.10 we do not warrant or guarantee that listings will receive bids.

7.20 Shipping Selection: You are responsible for accurately specifying the shipping options You provide during the listing process and that these options align with Your ability to promptly and efficiently fulfill orders for Your listed items. See section X for further shipping terms.

7.21 Selling Price: You are responsible for determining the sale price of Your item. Selling prices must be reasonable and not excessively high. We give no warranty or representation as to the anticipated or likely selling price of any listings.


8.1 Your responsibility: You, as a Buyer, are responsible for thoroughly reviewing the listing details each time you view the listing. Prior to placing a bid, making an offer, or completing a purchase, You must initiate any clarification inquiries with the Seller and await their response.

8.2 Shipping: You are responsible for choosing Your shipping method during the checkout process, in accordance with the options provided by the seller. It is Your responsibility to review the available shipping options and any associated fees before finalising the transaction.

8.3 Buying Formats: You, as a Buyer, can acquire items via listing formats (i) Fixed Price, (ii)Fixed Price with Make an Offer, or (iii) Auction. The availability of these formats depends on the choices made by the Seller at the time of listing

8.4 Auction as a Buyer:

8.4.1 Each bid submitted on an item represents a legal commitment to purchase that item, should Your bid become the winning bid.

8.4.2 In an Auction listing without a reserve price, a winning bid is the highest bid. In an Auction listing with a reserve price, a winning bid is a bid that meets or surpasses the reserve price.

8.4.3 You are responsible for checking the accuracy of Your bids. All bids are made at Your own risk. Once a bid is made You can not retract it except in special circumstances.

8.4.4 We are not responsible for errors or delays in the submission, processing, or recognition of bids, nor the consequences that arise as a result. 

8.4.5 You acknowledge that Bid updates and other notifications provided via Our Site may not occur in real-time. We are not liable for any bids placed based on outdated information displayed on the Site.

8.4.6 You agree to pay for Your item with X hours are Your winning bid.

8.4.7 If You, as the winning bidder, do not fulfill the purchase of the Auction listing, including failing to make payment within the specified timeframe or for any reason other than the Seller’s default, then the Seller shall be entitled to cancel the transaction.

8.4.8 We have the right to remove any bids that we believe are not in compliance with the terms as outlined in these Terms and Conditions.

8.4.9 Bid Sniping: Bid sniping is forbidden on ifndautoparts. All users are expected to place their bids in accordance with the auction timeline and in a fair manner. Any attempt to engage in bid sniping may result in immediate account suspension or other appropriate actions, as determined by Us.

8.4.10 Bid Extension: bidding activity occurring shortly before the scheduled end of an auction will trigger an automatic extension of the auction by a set period. This mechanism renders the duration of the auction contingent and subject to variation, notwithstanding the presence of a specified end auction time. We do not guarantee that extensions will adhere to a set time period, and the actual extension may be shorter or longer due to system performance or other operational factors

8.4.11 Bid Increments: the site uses bid increments determined by the listing's current price. The minimum bid increment increases as the price range of the listing rises. It is Your responsibility to ensure compliance with these increments. We reserve the right to enforce these rules and reject bids that do not meet the specified increments.The bid increment amount remains consistent across all currencies available on the Platform, irrespective of the currency type, except in the case of Japanese Yen. 

8.4.12 Maximum Bids: You are responsible for deciding whether to set a maximum bid on an item. Once set, a maximum bid cannot be decreased but may be increased. You understand that the system will automatically place bids on your behalf according to the bid increment rules until your maximum bid is reached. All bids placed by the system under this arrangement are considered as having been placed by you.

8.5 We do not reserve items in Your cart.  If You add an item to Your cart but do not complete the transaction, then You understand the item may become unavailable to other shoppers.

8.6  Currency: The Site will display item prices in the currency selected by the User. You are responsible for verifying that listings are displayed in your preferred currency. Currency conversions shown on product listings are approximate, subject to fluctuations, and derived from third-party software. We do not control these conversions and cannot guarantee their accuracy or that they are free of errors. It is Your responsibility to consult with the relevant financial providers to confirm the currency conversion rate that is applicable.

8.7 Transactions involving currency conversion shall adhere to the payment processing exchange rules and rates as determined by Your Payment Provider. We are not responsible for fluctuations in exchange rates that may affect the conversion at the time of purchase or refund.

8.8 Conversion Fees : You are liable for any currency conversion fees or other related charges imposed by Your bank or financial institution. We are not responsible for, nor will reimburse conversion fees imposed on transactions or refunds.


9.1 Binding contract of sale: (i) For fixed-price listings, completing the checkout process establishes a binding agreement between the buyer and seller. (ii) In fixed-price listings with a 'make an offer' option, contracts are formed once an offer or counteroffer is accepted by the Buyer or Seller. (iii) Auction listings result in contracts being formed at the close of the auction, where the highest bid wins except in cases where a reserve price was not reached.In all instances, the buyer commits to purchasing the item at the specified price, and the seller agrees to transfer ownership upon receipt of payment.


10.1 Our Site allows You to connect with third-party payment providers. They are accessible via Our Site for your convenience only, and the decision to utilize these Payment Providers rests solely with you. Opting not to use the payment providers may restrict your transaction capabilities on Our Site.

10.2 For the avoidance of doubt, We are not the Payment Provider. We do not Process, Store, Retain or Transfer any payment information.

10.3 We are not a financial advisor and any information provided is simply factual in nature. You agree that You have the opportunity to seek independent financial advice from appropriately qualified professionals.

10.4 We are not affiliated with, nor do we endorse or recommend, any payment providers accessible via Our Site, or any other payment providers in general.

10.5  When you access a payment provider via Our Site, your interaction is directly with that payment provider. We do not become a party to, nor are we a contractual party in, any agreements between you and the payment provider. Our Site is merely a means to access these Payment Providers.

10.6 We are not involved in the creation, enforcement, or compliance of any third-party terms and conditions set by payment providers. You are solely responsible for understanding and adhering to any such terms and conditions when engaging with a payment provider.

10.7 The Payment Providers available for Users to connect with on Our Site  are (i) PayPal and (ii) Stripe.

10.8  You can connect only one payment provider to Your account at any given time. 

10.9 The  payment options available at Checkout are entirely based upon the seller's connected payment provider account, and what the respective payment provider offers as payment options.

10.10 The Payment Provider may retain payments until the item has been delivered to the Buyer.

10.11 We have no liability in relation to your usage of the payment provider, nor are we are not responsible for transactions processed by third-party payment providers. Should You encounter any issues related to payment processing, these must be addressed directly with the respective payment provider.

10.12 Payment providers may impose additional fees and adhere to separate policies for processing payments. It is your responsibility to be aware of and understand these fees and policies.

11. FEES 

11.1 A Commission Fee is Charged by Us, to the Seller, for transactions conducted on Our Site. This fee is calculated as a percentage of the total transaction value

11.2 Our standard comission fee is X, unless otherwise stipulated in a separate contract between Us and You. By using Our Site, You expressly agree to the automatic deduction of our Commission Fee. 

11.3 Our Commission Fee to You, relates solely to use of Our Site when a transaction is made, and excludes all other fees that may be imposed upon you as part of the transaction process. You are responsible for additional fees necessary for the transaction to process or as required by law, including but not limited to, Payment Provider fees, taxes, VAT, customs, and duties.

11.4 We cannot control or be held liable for any fees outside of Our Commission Fee. We bear no responsibility for any additonal fees that You may incur as part of the transactional process. 

11.5 The Commission Fee may be modified by us during promotional periods or due to other circumstances as determined by Us. Any modifications will be effective only during the period explicitly stated via our offical company channels, and be automatically applied to your account. Upon expiration of the specified period, the Commission fee will revert to its standard rate.

11.6 We reserve the right to modify our Comission Fee at any time. We will provide X days notice in advance of any fee modications. The notification will be delivered to your ifndautoparts registered account email address. If immediate changes are required by law, We will implement such changes instantly and as necessary and notfify you as soon as possible of these modifications. 

11.7 You are responsible for all costs and expenses You may incur in relation to Your use of the Site in any capacity. 

11.8 You agree to pay all fees associated with Your use of the Site. We disclaim liability for any discrepancies in Platform Fees or other fees associated with the use of our Platform.


12.1 We make third-party Shipping Providers available on Our Site for Your convenience only, and using them is entirely optional. You have the option to allocate Your Own choice of shipping provider during the listing process

12.2 For the avoidance of doubt, We are not the Shipper, nor do We supply shipping services. We are not a party to the contract between You and the Shipper.

12.3 We are not responsible for shipping or any related processes that are conducted by the Shippers accessible on Our site. 

12.4 We make no recommendation about any particular Shipper, nor can We offer specific guidance or advice about Shippers and their polices and procedures. We do not act as shipping advisors, nor do We make recommendations that You use the Shipping Providers accessible through Our Site. Information provided on the Site about the Shipping Providers  and their services are for information purposes only. You acknowledge that You have the option to seek independent shipping advice from appropriately qualified professionals. 

12.5 You, as a Seller, are responsible for accurately selecting the shipping options during the listing process. You must ensure that their selected shipping options align with Your ability to fulfill orders promptly and efficiently.

12.6 Shipping fees are determined by the shipping option selected by the Seller at the time of listing.

12.7 You, as a Buyer,  are responsible for choosing the shipping method during the checkout process, in accordance with the options provided by the Seller. It is Your responsibility to review the available shipping options and any associated fees before finalising the transaction.

12.8 Any guarantees, warranties, assurances, estimations, service levels, or the like, provided by the Shipping Provider via Our Site are solely the responsibility of the Shipping Provider. Such information is not endorsed or provided by Us; it is merely transmitted by the shipping Provider through Our Platform. You acknowledge and agree that We bear no responsibility for the accuracy or reliability of such information, nor for any consequences resulting from its use. 

12.9 Any guarantees, warranties, assurances, estimations, service levels, or the like, made by Sellers regarding shipping and delivery are solely governed by the Seller's policies and representations. These guarantees and claims are the responsibility of the Seller, and We do not independently endorse or control them. Users should carefully review the Seller's specific terms related to any guarantees or promises made for Shipping delivery.

12.10 You, as a seller, are  responsible for the proper packaging of the Item(s). 

12.11 You are responsible for understanding and adhering to the shipping requirements established by your chosen shipping provider. 

12.12 All communications concerning shipping must be directed to the shipping provider.This includes, but is not limited to, any questions, disputes, issues, claims, or other concerns that arise during the shipping process. All such matters are governed by and subject to the policies and procedures of the shipping provider responsible for the delivery of the item(s). We are not liable nor responsible for any outcomes, in any capacity,  that may occur or relate to any aspect of the shipping and shipping process.

12.3 We reserve the right to suspend, remove, or add Shipping Providers to Our Site at any time. This means that the Shipping Providers  accessible to Users on Our Site may change over time or may not be available. 

12.4 Tracking information is provided directly via shipping providers. We do not guarantee the accuracy, completenesss, or currentness of the tracking information available. We are not responsible for any outcomes that arise due to discrepencies or errors in the tracking data. 


13.1 Click and Collect transactions are not subject to shipping fees, as Sellers do not levy shipping charges in these instances. Nonetheless, the absence of shipping fees does not preclude handling fees. 

13.2 Click and Collect is an optional service, available exclusively on listings where You, as the Seller, have chosen to offer it. You retain the discretion to either include or exclude the Click and Collect option from Your listings.

13.3 When you, as the Seller, select the Click and Collect option, you agree that the collection address you provided during the listing process will automatically be made visible to the Buyer once the item is paid for through the selected payment provider.

13.4 When You, as the Buyer, select the Click and Collect option, You agree not to initiate the collection of item(s), either personally or through nominated individuals, until receiving explicit confirmation from the Seller that the item(s) is ready for collection. Both the Buyer and Seller are responsible for coordinating and confirming suitable times for collection. 

13.5 Collection is contingent upon successful payment confirmation. 

13.6  Both Buyer and Seller are required to exchange the collection Code, which the Buyer receives from the Site. This code serves as a critical safeguard for evidence of item collection. You acknowledge and agree that exchanging this code is mandatory for confirming the item has been collected.

13.7 The safety of both Buyers and Sellers during Click and Collect transactions is paramount. You are responsible for ensuring your own safety and well-being during such transactions. The choice to participate in Click and Collect is entirely optional. We do not hold liability for any incidents, issues or outcomes that may arise during the Click and Collect process.


14.1 Order cancellation policies are determined by the Seller and are not associated with Us.

14.2 Business and Personal Sellers are required to provide Order Cancellations in accordance with applicable law. 

14.3 Sellers and Buyers must act in good faith and strive for a positve transactional experience. 

14.4 We do not provide compensation for canceled orders. We are not responsible for any losses or consequences arising directly or indirectly from cancellations of orders, under any circumstance, regardless of whether such cancellations are initiated by the seller, buyer, the Site, or other Interested party.


15.1 Refund policies are set by individual sellers and are entirely the Sellers responsibility. The policies outlined by Sellers on the Site do not reflect the policies of Us. 

15.2 Sellers have the autonomy to establish their own refund policies. These policies may vary depending on whether the seller operates as a business or a personal seller and are subject to the applicable legal requirements. 

15.3 Sellers must clearly display their refund policies with their Shipping and Return rules. Buyers must review these policies in detail prior to completing any transactions. 

15.4 Sellers must process approved refunds promptly and in accordance with the timelines specified in their refund policies.

15.5 Refunds for transactions made in a currency different from the buyer’s domicile currency will be processed at the exchange rate determined by either the seller’s payment provider, and/or the Sellers policies. We are not liable for any discrepancies in refund amounts due to exchange rate fluctuations between the time of purchase and the time of refund.


16.1 Disputes with other Users 

16.1.1 For the avoidance of doubt, we are not a party to the transactions between Sellers and Buyers. You agree We are not responsible for disputes with other Users arising from Your use of the Site, and do not intervene in such disputes. The responsibility to resolve these issues rests solely with You.

16.1.2 In the event that a dispute between Users occurs, the Buyer and Seller must communicate and attempt to resolve the issue with each other. It is the responsibility of both buyers and sellers to resolve their disputes directly and in good faith. 

16.1.3 Failure to engage in the dispute resolution process in good faith or engaging in bad faith actions during this process may result in temporary suspension or permanent termination of a user’s account, at our discretion.

16.1.4 For PayPal Transactions, You will follow the PayPal dispute resolution process.

16.1.5 Our platform may, at its discretion, offer assistance to the parties involved in the dispute. This involvement is voluntary and serves only to support Users. The provision of such assistance is not obligatory and does not constitute an obligation to engage in any dispute resolution process. Users recognise that the ultimate responsibility for resolving disputes rests solely with the parties involved. Our assistance does not imply any endorsement of any party’s claims.

16.1.6 Any assistance or information provided by Us in disputes is non-binding, and does not place any legal liability on us. We are not responsible for any outcomes, nor do we assume any legal obligations related to the disputes, regardless of our involvement. We shall not be held liable for any damages, losses, or costs incurred as a result of disputes between Users, regardless of whether they are resolved with Our assistance or by other means. 

16.2 Disputes with Us 

16.2.1 In the event that a dispute arises between You and Us, You must first contact Us and attempt to resolve the dispute directly with Us to find an amicable solution.

16.2.2 You agree to contact ifndautopartswithin 14 days from the occurrence of the issue, and agree to make all reasonable attempts to Contact Us.

16.2.3 You agree to consider and accept any reasonable offers presented by Us as a part of the dispute resolution process.

16.2.4 You agree to negotiate directly with Us for a minimum period of thirty (30) days before pursuing alternative mediation methods.

16.2.5 After the negotiation period, if the dispute remains unresolved, You agree to exhaust all other mediation methods prior to initiating litigation.

16.2.6 To the extent permitted by law, You agree not to initiate legal proceedings against us. In cases where legal action is permitted by law, You agree it is only used as a Final step and  it can only proceed after You have exhausted all other available mediation methods. Any legal proceedings must be filed within the jurisdiction of England and governed by English law. 


 17.1 We may view and monitor messages exchanged between users. This monitoring can be performed manually by our staff or through various IT functionalities, including but not limited to automated software and algorithms.

17.2 Our capability to monitor messages is not be interpreted as a commitment or obligation to oversee user interaction, nor does it constitute a duty to actively seek out and identify unlawful activities or content, or any violations of Our terms. We monitor at our discretion. This capability does not give rise to any direct, indirect, or consequential liability for Us. Users remain responsible for ensuring their content and activities comply with our terms and applicable laws.

17.3 If You violate the messaging terms, You may have Your messages blocked or hidden, receive a warning, receive a mark against Your account, or have Your account suspended or terminated. We reserve the right to determine the appropriate action based on the specific circumstances.


18.1 Our Site offers a "Match Me" feature, designed to enhance user convenience. This feature allows users to receive notifications when a listing matching their specified search parameters becomes available on Our Site.

18.2  When You activate the ‘Match Me' feature, You will receive app and email notifications when listings that match Your saved ‘Match Me’ parameters are published on the site. You consent to receiving these notifications and can manage Your notification preferences within Your account settings on the Site.

18.3  You are responsible for the accuracy and relevance of the search parameters You set for the "Match Me" feature. It is Your duty to ensure that these parameters are up-to-date and reflective of Your current needs.

18.4 The ‘Match Me’ feature is a tool to assist in finding listings only, and does not guarantee successful matches or availability of an item. We do not guarantee that You will secure the item even if a Match becomes available, nor is it assured that the Site will provide and/or notify You of a Match, even if one is available. The feature is not to be relied upon, and We are not liable for missed opportunities, unsuccessful matches, failure to notify You of any potential matches, or any other Site Match failures resulting from your use of this feature. 

18.5 We reserve the right to modify, suspend, or discontinue the "Match Me" feature and/or related services at Our discretion, without prior notice. 

18.6 Your search parameters for the "Match Me" feature may be stored and used in accordance with Our Privacy Policy. 


19.1 You accept that reviews are an integral part of the Site. You consent to the creation, publication, and public display of user-generated reviews, and that these reviews may relate to any aspect of the Site and transactional process experience, including but not limited to, the item and their interations with You. 

19.2 Reviews written by Users about other Users must always be fair, honest, and relevant to the transaction. Any form of deception, insults or otherwise inappropriate content is strictly prohibited.

19.3 You are prohibited from using reviews as a means of extortion, making demands, or manipulating your review rating.

19.4 No compensation, rewards, incentives, or the like, of any kind are offered to You in exchange for writing reviews on our Site, in any capacity.

19.5 We do not routinely moderate reviews, but we reserve the right to do so. Our capability to monitor reviews shall not be interpreted as a commitment to oversee or an obligation to actively seek out and identify reviews that violate these terms, or contain unlawful content or activities.

19.6 We are not liable for any reviews published on the Site. User-generated reviews are the opinions and experiences of individual Users, and they do not necessarily reflect Our views or endorsements. Our platform provides a space for users to independently express their feedback and experiences.  We do not endorse or verify the accuracy of the information presented in reviews, nor do we assume liability for any claims, statements, or opinions expressed therein.

19.7 We shall not be held liable for any consequences arising from reviews posted on the Site. This includes, but is not limited to, defamation, libel, harm to reputation, business disruption, financial damages, lost earnings, privacy violations, copyright infringement, hate speech, harassment, or any legal issues. Users are solely responsible for the content and accuracy of their reviews. Any legal consequences arising from reviews are the responsibility of the respective User.

19.8 Users should be aware that the decision to rely on or act upon information provided in reviews is at their own risk, and We assume no responsibility for any consequences that may arise.

19.9 You aim to report to Us any reviews that violate Our guidelines or contain unlawful content or activities. While We reserve the right to take appropriate action based on such reports, We are not obligated to do so. Your reporting of violations does not create a duty for us to act. 

19.10 We do not guarantee the accuracy or authenticity of any reviews, and Your reliance on such information is at Your own discretion and risk.

19.11 We reserve the right to remove any reviews that We deem to be in violation of these terms, at Our sole discretion.


20.1 Our Site integrates with Third-Party Services, some of which are not visible to You, while others are interactive and directly accessible to You. 

20.2 Our Site contains links to, and opportunities to, engage with Third-Party Services. These Third-Party Services operate under their own terms and conditions, and engaging with them may require You to accept those terms and provide personal information. We encourage You to review the privacy policies and terms of any Third-Party Services before engagement. We are not responsible for the content, actions, omissions, or any outcomes from the use of these Third-Party Services.Your use of such links and services is at Your own risk. We do not control, endorse, or guarantee these services, nor do We offer any warranties or representations concerning their products or services.

20.3 You agree not to assert any claims against us related to third-party providers or their products and services.

20.4 Any links and references on Our Site, including but not limied to, Hyperlinks, Social Media, Articles, News articles, Videos, or similar media are offered solely for general informational purposes and to acquaint You with Our company and other potentially interesting websites or information. They do not constitute technical, financial, legal, or any other form of advice and should not be relied upon for any purpose. 

20.5 Your information may be shared with third-party service providers as necessary for the operation of their services, Our Site, or as required by law. You should review the privacy policies and terms and conditions of any third-party services you access from our Site to understand how your information may be used.

21. TAXES 

21.1 Buyers and Sellers are solely responsible for any and all applicable taxes related to items published and purchased on the Site. This includes, but is not limited to, the tax amount itself, customs duties, interest, penalties, fines, and any other taxes or other charges that may arise in connection with the transaction.

21.2 You are responsible for adhering to all applicable tax laws and regulations. 

21.3 We are not responsible for any applicable taxes on items sold or purchased through the site. 

21.4 We shall not be held responsible for any tax liabilities or reporting obligations incurred by You as a result of Your activities on the Site. You are solely responsible for complying with any taxation reporting duties that may arise under applicable legislation in relation to transactions conducted on the Site.We may not report tax collected by you, and therefore it is your responsibility to ensure accurate tax reporting, even if the order details indicate that we collected tax. Users must independently verify and report any taxes collected or due.

21.5 Taxes may apply to Your Site Fees. You are responsible for determining and paying any applicable taxes related to Your use of the Site. You are solely responsible for determining, declaring, and paying any taxes owed on the income you earn from sales through our Site. We are not a party to this process and disclaim any liability related to your income tax obligations.

21.6 We are not tax advisors and cannot provide tax advice or recommendations. You must consult with your relevant tax advisor, tax authority, or tax professional regarding your tax rights and obligations. We disclaim any liability for your reliance on any tax-related information provided on our Site.

21.7 If we are directed by law to collect taxes, in any capacity, from you for sales on the Site, you agree to pay those charges and/or for us to automatically collect those charges from you. This includes historial, current or future sales. We will share your information with government authorities if required by law. If we are required to collect taxes on consumer purchases made using our Site, we may add the applicable tax to the total amount due at checkout at any time. 

21.8 All of your account details must be current and up-to-date, this includes but is not limited to, Your Tax Identifier, legal entity, shipping location and address.  You must supply the correct tax identification number as it relates to you, which may be noted as VAT, GST, or another applicable tax identifier. 

21.9 Where tax is required to be paid, it may be added to the item price at checkout. Any tax services that we provide at checkout are solely for customer service convenience only. You agree not to rely on the tax stipulated at checkout and to refer to an appropriate qualified professional or tax authority to confirm that the tax stipulated at the checkout is correct. You agree that if the tax is incorrect, you will not proceed with the transaction until the issue is fixed. We will not be held responsible for any incorrect tax information provided. You understand that any tax added will increase the amount paid at the checkout and the relevant consequences of this outcome. 


22.1 When providing Us with content (including content to be posted using Our Services/Site), You grant Us a worldwide, non-exclusive, perpetual (or for the duration of any copyright or other rights in such content), royalty-free,irrevocable, sublicensable (through multiple tiers) right to use the content, including, without limitation, creating and using derivative works. This includes, but is not limited to, the use of Your uploaded photographs and content for marketing, promotional and educational purposes, displaying it to other Users during their browsing experience, and allowing Us to retain copies for future use.

22.2 You authorize Us to exercise any and all intellectual property rights, including but not limited to, copyright, trademark, and publicity rights, You have in the content. You waive Your moral rights to the content and promise not to assert such rights or any other intellectual property rights against Us or Our Affiliates and Representatives, including but not limited to, our subliceness, assignees, employees and companies.  

22.3 The trademarks, service marks, logos, designs, and phrases associated with Our Services and Site, including "ifndautoparts" and "ifind," are protected intellectual property owned by US in the UK and various other countries. Unauthorized use of these trademarks is strictly prohibited unless explicitly authorized in writing by Us. Unauthorized use may result in legal action.


23.1 We reserve the right to update and vary these Terms from time to time. It is Your responsibility to check these Terms regularly. 

23.2 The policies posted on Our Site may be changed from time to time. Changes take effect when We post them on the Site.

23.3 Changes to these Terms will take effect immediately upon posting, unless otherwise specified. If a notice period is required by law or deemed necessary, changes will take effect after the notice period has elapsed.

23.4 We reserve the right to vary these Terms immediately and without prior notice to you if we reasonably consider the variation to be in your best interests, if it will not result in any additional cost to you, to introduce new products or services, or where we are required to make a variation to comply with applicable law.

23.5 Continuing to use and access the Site, constitutes as Your agreement to these Terms as amended.   If You do not agree to the Terms as amended then You should cease use of the Site immediately.

23.6 We will inform you of any variations to Our Terms that might be disadvantageous to you. 


24.1 The contract between You and Us begins when You first use the Site in any capacity, including visiting, browsing, being a guest buyer, creating an account, buying, or selling. The contract continues until terminated by You or Us as outlined below:

24.1.1 For Personal Account Holders: You may terminate Your use of the Site and Services at any time by deleting Your account via the delete account button in Your profile, subject to any obligations under these Terms that must be fulfilled prior to termination, and that survive termination.

24.1.2 For Business Account Holders: You may terminate Your use of the Site and Services at any time by deleting Your account, unless otherwise stipulated in separate contract terms between You and Us, and subject to any obligations under these Terms that must be fulfilled prior to termination, and that survive termination.

24.2  We may terminate Your use of the Site or Services at any time for any reason, without prior notice, at our sole discretion, with or without cause. Additionally, we may suspend, cancel, or terminate Your access to and/or use of the Site and Services, or any part of it, immediately and without notice, if We determine that:

i. You materially breach any of the Terms and/or We have cause to remove Your account or listing in accordance with these Terms;

ii. Any act or omission by You breaches, or is reasonably likely to breach, any applicable law;

iii. Your Account has been, or may be, used for any unlawful, deceptive, or fraudulent activity and/or for any activity that is in breach of these Terms;

iv. Your use of the Platform may cause harm to Us, Our partners, affiliates, service providers, other Users, or otherwise damage Our or their reputation.

24.3 Your ability to terminate the contract with Us is contingent upon ensuring that there are no pending transactions, unpaid dues, unresolved disputes, or any other obligations under these Terms that must be fulfilled prior to termination.

24.4 If We cancel or terminate for cause under this section of these Terms (including but not limited to any breach by You of these Terms) then, without prejudice to Our other rights and remedies, We expressly reserve the right to withhold payment of any and all amounts due and payable to You in relation to Transactions or otherwise.

24.5 Upon termination of Your account:

i. All licenses granted to You under these Terms will immediately terminate.

ii. You will no longer have access to Your account or any content you have uploaded.

iii. Any provisions of these Terms which, by their nature, should survive termination, shall remain in effect.